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Funk Rock - Ammonia Bouncer


Discover the Power of Funk Rock - Ammonia Bouncer!

Introducing the revolutionary Funk Rock - Ammonia Bouncer, your ultimate solution for conquering the toughest smells and ammonia issues in nappies and other fabrics. A must-have for any home, especially those with little ones, this product will transform your laundry challenges into a breeze.

The Struggle is Real

Are you battling persistent odors from nappies that seem impossible to eliminate? Does the thought of opening your nappy pail fill you with dread? Funk Rock tackles these issues head-on, offering a powerful, natural solution to refresh and revitalize your fabrics.

Why Choose Funk Rock?

With its advanced technology, Funk Rock - Ammonia Bouncer is not just effective but also eco-friendly. Free from phosphates, enzymes, and SLS, this product provides a safe, non-toxic approach to odor management. Using just 4 tablespoons, you can de-funk up to 20 nappies, making it not only potent but also economical. This 450g bag equates to 30 loads, ensuring that you keep the stink away efficiently and affordably for over two months.

Easy and Effective

Perfect for busy parents, Funk Rock is easy to use. Add a little to your pre-wash cycle and experience the magic as it prevents the return of unpleasant odors. Its formula targets the very source of the funk, leaving your fabrics smelling fresh and clean without any harsh chemical residues.

A Thoughtful Gift

Looking for a unique and practical gift for new parents or pet owners? Funk Rock - Ammonia Bouncer makes an ideal choice, offering them an essential tool in their cleaning arsenal. Help them tackle the unexpected messes of parenting or pet care with something that is both thoughtful and highly effective.

Upgrade your home care routine with Funk Rock - Ammonia Bouncer. Banish odors, embrace freshness and enjoy the serenity of a clean, comfortable home environment. Shop now and take the first step towards a funk-free home!