The Lactation Station

At the Lactation Station, we believe that women’s bodies are nature’s most powerful tool. Not only do we create life within 10 months but then we are able to nourish this child with every nutrient needed to grow and survive solely through our breastmilk.

While women are breastfeeding, the nutrients within the breastmilk are sourced from the mothers own supply which means that it is important for the them to maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout this period of time to ensure both herself and her milk are enriched with the dietary supplements needed and continue to do so throughout this special time.

That’s where “The Lactation Station” is here to help by providing “nutritious treats for breastfeeding mothers” with ingredients enriched with calcium, copper, fiber, iron, omega-3, magnesium, manganese, potassium, vitamin E and zinc.

Founded by a breastfeeding mother, we know what it takes to be a mum and the struggles that can arise throughout this time. Therefore, we know that having nutritious treats available at arm’s reach are incredibly beneficial for energy levels, milk supplies or just to have a quick and tasty snack throughout the day and let’s be honest, most nights too.