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Bubble Up - 'time To Get Fruity' The Tropical Body Collection


Fabulous pineapple and peach bath melt and mango body butter collection.

Bubble Up time to get fruity collection contains two products that perfect for relaxing and looking after your skin. Each product has been enriched with real fruit extracts for a real authentic fruity scent and are also vegan friendly. Due to key ingredients such as Shea butter and Coconut oil, these products deeply moisturise your skin leaving it feeling soft and loved.

This fruit-tastic collection contains:

  • Bubble Up bath melt bar pineapple & peach: a bar infused with real pineapple and peach fruit extracts that gives your bath water a peachy beach tint.
  • Mango Getter body butter: beautifully textured body butter that nourishes and moisturises leaving your with delicately soft and smooth skin.

Features of Bubble Up time to get fruity collection

  • Enhances your bath water with a delicate peach tint
  • Vegan friendly product
  • Infused with Shea butter
  • Smooth silky skin
  • Deeply hydrating body butter
  • Perfect for a relaxing aromatic bath