Booster Biscuit Premix


Booster Biscuit Mix for Breastfeeding Mums (by Breastmates)

° premix ° bake your own ° plain oaty flavour °

To help make life a little easier for breastfeeding mums, we've combined the perfect amount of ingredients for you to make your own Booster Biscuits at home. It's a semi-sweet oaty biscuit - our famous recipe which customers have been munching on for years.  Containing the key ingredients of oats, linseed and brewer's yeast. We've worked with a nutritionalist to make it even healthier, and combined into a handy premix. Bake for yourself or support a friend with a new baby.

Just add egg and butter, and bake at home. [if you are dairy free - you can substitute butter for olivani or coconut oil]

This premix makes around 20 biscuits. Eat 2 to 3 biscuits each day with a glass of water or milk. Yes, they're safe for the whole family to eat, but we suggest you save them just for mum by hiding them in the freezer and just eating as you need.

Baked biscuits can be stored in an airtight container for up to a week, or freeze.  You can also mix and freeze the cookie dough.

Tip: Make your own flavour variations by adding cinnamon, ginger, choc chips, cranberry, nuts etc from your pantry.  Try it as a slice as that's quicker to prepare.

Packaging and webpage show the finished baked biscuits, as a serving suggestion. Please note that this product is a premix powder - you need to bake your own biscuits. Commercially packed at a HACCP certified New Zealand factory. No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Ingredients: Oats, wholemeal flour, brown sugar, brewers yeast, linseed, salt, baking powder. Contains wheat, oats, gluten. Packed in a factory that also processes nuts, seeds, wheat and dairy


Current Batch Expiry Date 30 July 2024