Reusable Wipes Bag - Lilac


The Nestling Reusable Wipes Bag was designed for our 'cloth families' that use reusable wipes! Made to make your cloth journey that much easier.

There are 2 pockets to this bag. The main pocket on the front has a zip opening where you can place your clean, damp wipes ready for use. The pocket is sized to fit a standard sized wipe folded in half, the sides of this pocket expand to hold more wipes. The back pocket is made to hold used wipes while you're on the go.

Made from waterproof fabric that will prevent the damp items inside from transferring. They have zip closures for both pockets and a snap handle for convenience.

They come in beautiful shades that match back to the rest of the Nestling range.


  • Made for reusable wipes!
  • Breathable waterproof fabric
  • Great colours
  • Zip closure
  • Strap and button for convenience
  • 2 pockets - one for clean wipes and the other for used wipes