Baby Bath Brush + Sponge - b.box body


Discover the Joy of Bath Time with the b.box Body Baby Bath Brush + Sponge

Introducing the ideal bath companion, the b.box Body Baby Bath Brush + Sponge, crafted with care to offer comfort, style, and practicality for your baby's daily routine.

Gentle and Effective Cleaning

Experience the soft touch of silicone bristles that are gentle on your baby's scalp and perfect for removing cradle cap. These carefully designed bristles provide soothing scalp care and enhance your baby’s skin health with every bath.

Eco-Friendly Innovation

Featuring an eco-friendly, non-toxic sponge, this must-have product supports sustainable living while ensuring safe skin contact. Flip the brush to use the soft sponge for a gentle cleanse, ideal for everyday use. Plus, the charming fox design adds an element of fun, turning bath time into an engaging story-telling session.

Hassle-Free Maintenance

Post-bath, cleaning is a breeze with the detachable sponge that’s simple to rinse and dry. Equip your bathroom with the playful yet practical design of the b.box Body Baby Bath Brush + Sponge, which includes a handy suction cup tail for quick drying and easy storage. Durable and resistant, the brush is designed for long-lasting use and can be sterilized by steam, UV, or microwave methods.

Caring Instructions

  • Rinse and air-dry the sponge after each use.
  • Replace sponges regularly to maintain hygiene, using genuine b.box replacements.
  • Apply gentle pressure to protect your baby's tender scalp during use.

Quality You Can Trust

Choose the b.box Body Baby Bath Brush + Sponge for unmatched quality and innovative design that blends seamlessly into your baby care routine. Endorsed by parents and designed for infants, this product promises satisfaction and a delightful bath time experience.

Ready to transform your little one's bath time into moments of joy and care? Shop now and enjoy the ultimate in baby bath time luxury!