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Natural Birthing Company - Cool It Mama

$13.00 $26.00 you save $13.00
$13.00 $26.00 you save $13.00

Cooling Body Spritz ‘Cool It Mama’

Natural Birthing Company's Cool It Mama Cooling Body Spritz is an uplifting aromatherapy spray that helps to combat feelings of tiredness, nausea and hot flushes during pregnancy.

Promoting a happy, stress-free pregnancy, the light formula combines pure essential oils of Orange Blossom, Ylang Ylang, Bergamot and Grapefruit with a touch of Menthol to instantly cool and refresh your face and body. Whether you're having hot flushes or suffering from heavy legs and swollen ankles, the versatile mist works to revive the body and mind, revitalising your spirits to leave you feeling calm, cool and happy.

Perfect for popping in your handbag, it's the safe and practical solution to some of pregnancy's side wonderful effects. Can even be used during labour to help keep you cool and inspire feelings of calm.

100% Vegan.