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Natural Birthing Company - Bossom Buddies

$20.00 $43.00 you save $23.00
$20.00 $43.00 you save $23.00

Breastfeeding Oils ‘Bosom Buddies’

Bosom Buddies have been developed especially for the new mum who wants to breastfeed, to soothe and comfort you throughout your journey. Each oil supports a common issue that any breastfeeding mum may experience from heavy, tender breasts and engorgement to low milk supply or sore nipples.

100% Vegan.

The Set Contains:

"Ooh!" for Engorged Breasts (10ml):
Specially created to help relieve the discomfort of tender, swollen breasts. The oil blend combines Geranium with Peppermint, Cyprus and German Chamomile to help you feel more comfortable. Add a few drops to water and use a flannel for a relieving compress.

"Aah!" for Low Milk Supply (10ml):
Breastfeeding is a supply and demand process; the more you do it, the more milk you produce. Combining Fennel, Lemongrass and Mandarin, this special blend can be used in conjunction with offering your baby the breast more frequently to help enhance your milk supply.

"Ouch!" for Sore Nipples (10ml):
A blend of Lavender, Neroli, Mandarin, Frankincense and Peppermint that works to relieve and moisturise sore, irritated nipples. Combined with correct positioning, it helps to promote a more enjoyable breastfeeding experience.