The Lactation Station

Coconut Cranberry Lactation Cookies

The Lactation Station are dedicate to baking the freshest lactation cookies for breastfeeding mothers.
Our cookies are not only perfect for new mummies who are in need of a quick delicious snack but are also ideal for those who are concerned about their milk supply.

Every breastfeeding mother thinks about her milk supply on a daily basis, whether it be to check which breast to feed off next or more commonly worrying if you have enough milk to feed you little one.

There are several options available to lactating mothers to help boost their milk supply but why not choose something that is not only highly recommended by mothers around the world but also absolutely delicious to eat.

Lactation cookies are well known to a lot of breastfeeding mothers and some swear by the ingredients to help increase their supply.
One of the main ingredients in "the lactation station" lactation cookies is oats. These help you relax and encourages the let down reflex.
Brewers yeast is another galactagogue* made from a fungus and is highly nutritious. It contains iron, protein, and B vitamins, as well as chromium, selenium and other trace minerals.
Flax meal is power packed with omega-3 (essential fatty acids) that are absolutely crucial to a nursing mom's diet (as well as baby's diet, and all human health in general). It is also a great form of fiber. Human milk is super charged with heavy amounts of omega-3 because the brain (rapidly growing in our babies) is dependent on these fatty acids.

While no lactation cookie will miraculously boost your milk supply, trying these cookies in conjunction with drinking plenty of water and getting as much rest as possible (easier said than done being a mother) they will ensure you are getting some good, wholesome (much needed!) calories packed with omega-3, nutrients, and goodness along the way.

So if your a new mum yourself or you know someone who has just had a baby, be sure to place your order so they can enjoy the own supply of these delicious cookies ASAP.

Warning: these cookies are extremely moreish and addictive so keep an eye on your supply because if your house hold is anything like mine, they wont last long :)

*a substance which helps promote lactation in humans