Totally Devoted Wellness Cookies - Blackcurrant & Kawakawa

Totally Devoted Wellness Cookies - Blackcurrant & Kawakawa

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Healthy cookies for the whole family are hard to come by but we have found some for you.  Totally devoted Wellness Cookies are infused with a unique herbal selection and natural ingredients that are reputed to help promote immunity and general well-being for the whole family. Here we’ve used kawakawa leaf extract and blackcurrant syrup.  

Kawakawa has traditionally been used as a popular treatment for colds and influenza. And blackcurrants are a rich source of vitamin C, so another great way to help boost your families’ immune system. 

Totally Devoted Family Cookies are delicious, yummy, convenient and help families get a few more health benefits into their busy day. These cookies are a must-have item in every family’s pantry for snacks or lunchboxes.



Organic buckwheat flour, coconut oil, brown rice syrup, organic coconut sugar, rolled oats, linseed, filtered water, fruit concentrate (blackcurrants (33%) boysenberries (25%) pear juice concentrate (41%), vitamin C), Kawakawa extract (12%), cinnamon, baking soda, raising agent (500), Himalayan salt, natural rosemary extract.

Additional Information:

1) Every pack contains 10 cookies weighing approx 23 grams each.
2 ) The cookies are made in a manufacturing facility that follows all food and safety protocols and holds the necessary certificates. They comply with the Food Standards for Australia & NZ.
3) The main flavour most people recognize in the Feeding Cookies is cinnamon and the Pregnancy ones are quite like a Ginger biscuit.
4) The shelf life is 6 months from manufacturing date and is stamped on the back of the packaging. They should be stored in a dry ambient area.

** If you are concerned about your or your childrens health, you should always seek help from a health care provider. 

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