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Smoothie Bombs - The Kickstater - Iced Coffee

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These Smoothie Bombs are the perfect solution for those busy and on the go people, especially busy Mums! Full of organic super-foods, each ball contains 10 nutrient rich ingredients. It's as easy as adding your choice of milk and fruit, and one crumbled Smoothie Bomb to a blender to create your nutritious smoothie.

The Transformer Super Greens:

Organic dates, organic LSA (linseed, sunflower seed, almond meal), organic psyllium husk, organic coconut nectar, organic coconut oil, organic desiccated coconut, organic spirulina, organic matcha, natural lemon and lime flavour, organic rice extract, Himalayan salt.

Each tube contains 5 boosting Bombs, which create 5 nutrition-rich smoothies.

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