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Ethique Baby Shampoo and Massage Bar Bundle

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Our baby bundle consists of an Oaty Delicious & a Love Baby Bar, everything young families need.

Oaty Delicious - Shampoo for little ones:

Oats and Coconut Oil with Lavender and Chamomile Oils all packaged in a perfect baby bar. Mild and gentle, yet foamy and sweet smelling. Formulated for hair and body so bath time is easy with no need to mess with numerous bottles. Leaves hair soft and silky for no-stress brushing. pH balanced, but as we don't use additional ingredients that block the eyes natural tear response, this will not be a 'no tears' product like many baby products out there.

Love Baby Bar - Solid Baby Massage Bar:

Massage is a great bonding exercise for parents and baby which aids in preventing dry skin and helps relax baby into a sleep state. Safe to use, (although really young babies really don't need that many products on them!) with Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Coconut Oil and a light scenting with Chamomile essential oil.
Also will aid in the reduction of visible stretchmarks for pregnant bellies.

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