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Nappy Sizing

BeBops are a one size nappy, so you only need the one nappy from birth through to toilet training. The way this is possible is the 3 rows of 3 snaps on the rise of the nappy. Below is a chart with weight ranges and descriptions. The weight ranges are only a guide and you may find that a particular size fits for a longer or shorter period.  All babies grow at different rates, but as there are multiple sizes in the nappy you shouldn't have issues with finding the right fit.

BeBops Nappies have two rows of 8 snaps across the tummy for a highly adjustable sizing around the waist. This system allows your nappy to grow with your baby, getting a great fit every time. 



Small: the nappy is snapped right down to give the smallest rise. Fits size approx 3.5 - 8kg


Medium: the nappy is snapped down one level to give a medium rise. Fits size approx 6 - 13kg
Large: the rise snaps are fully unsnapped to give the longest rise. Fits size approx 10 - 17kg



Bebops FAQ's

What are Pocket Nappies?

A pocket nappy has a waterproof outer layer made from PUL (polyurethane laminate) backed polyester fabric. The lining, which is up against babys bottom, is a 'stay dry layer' which is normally microfleece, suedecloth or cotton velour. These materials let moisture pass through to keep baby dry. At the back of the nappy there is an elasticated opening which creates a pocket, which allows you to place an absorbant insert.


How is the nappy made to be 'One Size'?

BeBops Pocket Nappies are a One Size nappy with an adjustable rise. This means that they will fit from birth to toilet training. They are made with 3 rows of 3 snaps on the front of the nappy. Snapped right down is small, next row of snaps up make it medium and completely unsnapped makes the nappy large. To read more about this and see photos visit the sizing page.


How many nappies will I need?

For a newborn baby you will need a minimum of 12, they can sometimes use up to 12 a day and if you wash everyday you will need a few on hand while the others are drying. BeBops can be dried on a warm setting in the tumble dryer if needed. As baby grows they use less nappies so you will probably only use 5-6 nappies a day. But if you're like me you will end up with so many (its addictive) that you will never run out and will only need to wash every third day!


Do I need to soak my nappies?

No! You don't need to and don't want to. Soaking reduces the life of your nappies, it can perish the elastic and cause it to snap. The stay dry layer is stain resistant so putting the nappies and liners into a dry bucket is all you need to do until you are ready to wash them. To keep your nappy bucket smelling fresh in between washes you can add a couple of drops of tea tree oil or lavender oil to a piece of fabric and keep that in the bucket with your nappies. Another option is Rockin' Green Pail Freshener to keep things smelling sweet :)


How do I wash my nappies?

You can wash your nappies on a cold, warm or hot wash with a quarter of the amount of washing powder or liquid recommended. Choose a washing powder which has no perfumes or softeners, a product highly recommended and created for nappies is Rockin' Green which is gentle but fantastic at removing smells and stains. Softeners can coat the nappy and prevent full absorbtion. Tea Tree Oil is another safe option. You can add a half cap full of Canesten Rinse Aid to sanitise if needed. I recommend an extra rinse cycle after the full wash as this helps to remove any left over washing powder residue, which if left to build up can create absorption problems and can irritate babies sensitive skin. Drying in the sunshine is the best thing for your nappies, it sanitises them and keeps them fresh, but if you dont have the luxury of a sunny day, a warm cycle in the dryer will do just fine.


Can I put my nappies in the dryer?

Sure can! When there's no sun, or no time you can pop your nappies and inserts in the dryer on a warm cycle. The inserts will take longer than the actual nappy, so you can check it and just take these out once they are dry and leave the inserts to finish.